Current guidelines recommend that women should have a Pap test every 3 years beginning at age 21.

pap smear test
women's health services clinic
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Thanksgiving is dunzo, but the holiday season is just ramping up. Turn leftover turkey into a healthy lunch sandwich. Leftover sandwiches don’t have to be heavy. Recipe: Five Minute Turkey, Avocado, and Hummus Wrap. Learn to make a healthy, hearty bowl of oatmeal that’s actually delicious. Here are 13 ways to make your oatmeal…

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Show dinnertime who’s boss. Bacon, Egg, and Brussels Sprouts Carbonara This carbonara somehow manages to be super rich and creamy without going too over the top. Or maybe it’s just the Brussels sprouts tricking me into thinking that. Get the recipe here. Beef With Broccoli This is a gluten-free version of traditional beef and…

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These guys really know how to *eat clean.* This noodle nosher who knows great things come in small, folded up packages. laurora___borealis / Via This breakfast pro, who is not fucking around. skanicmentality / Via This gourmet snacker, who really understands how to TREAT. HER. SELF. laceylynn831 / Via This fuzzy-legged feaster…

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Of the many small indulgences and unbidden conveniences the current tech boom has given us, one of the most enticing might be the luxe meal-kit-in-a-box: A cardboard box of pre-packed ingredients, delivered to your door once a week or so with idiot-proof recipes included. For anyone who’s come home after a long day at work…

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With November 27th being the 75th anniversary of legendary martial artist Bruce Lee’s birth, this is a time for me (who shares some of the same name…except with a middle initial Y.), to reflect on what he has meant to me, the world, and its health. Read More Source:: Forbes – Health

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Including friends, family, and health, plus important stuff like donuts and Buffy. Having fewer toxic people in your life. I have cut out some very harmful people out of my life, and I am happier than I have ever been with the people I choose to surround myself with as I move on towards bigger…

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To more efficiently treat breast cancer, scientists have been researching molecules that selectively bind to cancer cells and deliver a substance that can kill the tumor cells, for several years. Read More Source:: Breast Cancer News From Medical News Today

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Go ahead and let it all out. It’s what Adele would want. Sure, some situations are better than others (I’d rather cry in a half-empty subway car than in line at the pharmacy), but it’s never good. The comfort of your own home is preferable—and if Adele is playing through the speakers and something comforting…

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Because we could all use a little help. Amy Sefton / Via BuzzFeed OXO OXO View Entire List › Read More Source:: BuzzFeed – Health

Health insurance premiums are rising less than 5% on average for the most popular health plans individuals are buying on public exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, according to a new analysis. The Urban Institute, calling earlier predictions of soaring premiums “overrated,” said it found a 4.3% jump in the average […] Read More Source::…

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