They're decorated like '50s-style diners:

Apparently, a lot of them are ’50s-style diners.

They’re decorated like ’50s-style diners:

“I visited the UK a few years back with a British friend, and they dragged me to an American restaurant. It was themed like those ’50s diners, and the only things on the menu were burgers, fries, fried chicken, hot dogs, pizza, and pulled pork. That said, it was pretty damn good food.”


“In Ireland, we have our own chain of 50s style American diners, called Eddie Rockets. They’d serve burgers, hot dogs (no other chain here in Ireland would really serve hot dogs), really nice milkshakes, all that jazz. It’s pretty damn tasty, but fairly expensive, so you wouldn’t be going there too frequently.”


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“In France, there’s a restaurant that was called Memphis, I think, and it was designed to be like a 1950-’60s type restaurant with Elvis statues and waiters wearing uniforms from that era. It also played music from things like Grease and rock ‘n roll. All the burgers came in double or triple patties with American cheese with sides like onion rings and Dr. Pepper.”


“American here, but I visit in-laws in India every year. One thing has always perplexed me, which is the street stalls and mall kiosks selling ‘steamed American corn’. Basically, it’s sweet corn, served plain in a cup or with various spices including chili, chat masala, mint pudina, black pepper, punjabi tadka, etc. My father in law thinks this is what all Americans eat as snack food and keeps offering to buy it for me when we go out on an excursion.”


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