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A Brief Look At Women’s Health Services History

Women’s everyday life has, in effect, improved throughout the ages and so have women’s health services. Traditionally, Life was specifically difficult for many women. Apart from the numerous dangers and diseases, most women grew to become spouses and mothers at an early age. A lot of women had a number of pregnancies which may or may not happen to be wished for. At that time, women’s health services were scarce. Previously, childbirth alone was dangerous and occasionally ended in the death of the mother. Nearly all women in past times did not live long enough to have menopause.

Women’s Health and Gynecology

As far as women’s health care, gynecology is the major branch of medical science concerned about women’s medical issues. The term “gynecology” is an expression comprising “gyne” that means “woman” and “logic” which means “knowledge” or “study”. Put together, Gynecology stands for “woman knowledge” or “study of women anatomy”. It is important that every woman has access to women’s health services and to the knowledge related to the spectrum of women’s health issues, not only about her reproductive system, but also about all aspects of her body.

Women’s Health Services

Women’s health professionals at our Women’s Health Services center in Los Angeles Area – located at 1233 N Vermont Ave, STE #2 Los Angeles, CA 90029have for several years been assisting women of all backgrounds and ages with any health problems they encounter on a regular basis. Women’s Health Services offers crucial health care at discounted rates or free of charge for women who be eligible for these kinds of assistance. Call our friendly Women’s Health Services staff now at (323) 666-5116 to talk about your concerns, get a free evaluation or make an appointment.